Q. What is Healthmail?

Healthmail is a secure clinical email system. Healthmail allows healthcare providers to communicate patient identifiable clinical information with clinicians in primary and secondary care. Healthmail is configured to be easy to use and will improve electronic communications to the benefit of patients and clinicians.

Q. Who is eligible for a Healthmail account?

Currently the applicant must be one of the following: a general practitioner attached to a practice, a supervising pharmacist working in a pharmacy, a person in charge of a registered nursing home or a lead optometrist in a practice.

Q. Can GP support staff get Healthmail accounts?

Yes. Each GP user has a subsidiary account that can be allocated to a practice manager, nurse or secretary. Alternatively the second account could be designated as a generic practice account and used by all support staff e.g. lismorepractice.gp@healthmail.ie.

Q. How can I use Healthmail?

Healthmail is a safe and secure way to exchange patient information with clinical colleagues. Some common uses include:

  • Transfer of medical records;
  • Transfer of PMR reports;
  • Transfer of fundus images;
  • Requests for medical reviews;
  • Requests for copies/ repeat prescriptions;
  • Referral queries;
  • Communication of allied health professional assessments/ treatment plans.

Q. How can Healthmail help me comply with GDPR requirements?

You can use Healthmail to send and receive patient identifiable clinical information from healthcare colleagues. You can use Healthmail where you would have previously sent a fax. You should also use Healthmail in place of normal email which is insecure. Healthmail allows attachments of 60MB to other Healthmail users and 10MB to Connected Agencies.

Q. How will I know who I can securely email?

You can send full patient details from your Healthmail account to any colleague with an @healthmail.ie address, an @hse.ie or an @voluntaryhospital.ie address. In addition, there are a number of other Connected Agencies with whom you can safely communicate patient identifiable information. The full list is published on the eHealth Ireland website at this link: : http://www.ehealthireland.ie/A2I-HIDs-Programme/Healthmail Please check this page regularly for updates.

Q. Is there a directory of users within Healthmail?

The system contains a directory of all registered Healthmail users. Click on `To` when writing an email to search the directory. External addresses such as HSE, hospital etc are not listed so if you need those just call up the secretary/department and ask for details.

Q. I have a Healthmail account but cannot remember my password. How do I reset this?

You can reset your password from the Healthmail support page: https://healthmail.ie/support.cfm The support page also includes web chat functionality which is a quick and easy way to resolve issues with the help of a support technician.

Q. What keeps Healthmail secure?

Healthmail works within a private bounded network. Transport layer security (TLS) connections are in place with all connected agencies. TLS provides an encrypted tunnel between the mail servers, ensuring the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted.

Q. What is the cost of Healthmail to users?

There is no cost to register or use a Healthmail account. The Health Service Executive (HSE) funds Healthmail.